Injection is a mastered technical field, mature, subject to strong international competition. DEMGY mobilizes its Research and Development teams to offer its customers differentiating technologies, technical specificities driven by precision, rendering and integration of functions.

Injection by Dedienne MULTIPLASTURGY®


Automotive Injection DR DNH by Dedienne MULTIPLASTURGY®

Injection 476 by Dedienne MULTIPLASTURGY®

Cluster DR 2019 PT1 by Dedienne MULTIPLASTURGY®

Injection Automotive by Dedienne MULTIPLASTURGY®

Our know-how makes it possible to combine the greatest number of materials and/or technologies on the same piece to go the farthest in the technical singularity, much sought by industrialists.

We are able to make multiple versions of the same model (for example, the electronic keys of a car), from very precise molds, so that the components present the highest qualities of refinement and reliability, while respecting the search for weight reduction.

In this way, we can respond to market demands, which are increasingly geared towards customizing models.

Thermoplastic injection manufacturing of our new range of protective visor kits - Protectiv™ Light+