Plastic turning

As a major player in the treatment of high-performance plastic materials, DEMGY is a specialist in the turning and screw-machining of high-performance plastics. This technical process is one of the processes we master to manufacture your parts according to your needs.

Plastic turning

Plastic turning: what exactly does it involve?

Plastic turningA machining process by chip removal, technical turning is mainly intended for plastic parts with a rotation axis. It consists of rotating the raw material using a chuck. A turret equipped with a cutting tool then removes the excess material according to the dimensions required for the parts. We specialize in the following plastic turning operations:

  • PCTFE/PTFCE, FEP... for cryogenic temperature resistant, leak proof and high mechanical performance components,
  • PEEK, PFA, PPS, POLYIMIDES... for parts resistant to very high temperatures and exceptional mechanical, electrical and chemical performance,
  • PTFE, PVDF... for components intended for use in an environment subjected to chemicals.

DEMGY: for a complete service offer for the transformation of engineering plastics

As a true expert in the processing of high-performance plastic materials, DEMGY masters many transformation and machining processes in addition to plastic turning. We also handle plastic milling, compression molding, creep and PCTFE/PTFCE extrusion. You can consult the page dedicated to each of these processes for more information on our expertise.