Our technologies and services come together in our circular Multiplasturgy® concept. 

circular MULTIPLASTURGY® concept is the heart of the DEMGY reactor, the engine of its development. To manufacture plastic or composite parts with very high added value, we have built a concept that promotes the exchange of information and the pooling of skills.

circular MULTIPLASTURGY® concept is the shortest, most efficient, and most innovative way to offer global, differentiating and value-creating solutions. The services range from assistance to the choice of materials to co-design and the realization of subassemblies and functional parts. 

Our Multiplasturgy® concept evolves and becomes our circular Multiplasturgy® offer

In a desire to reduce the weight of products or components and their impact on the environment, DEMGY offers ever greener and more responsible solutions. Our circular Multiplasturgy® offer, which is fully in line with this sustainable approach, allows us to eco-design your product, to manufacture it with environmentally friendly processes (bio-sourced materials, more efficient, less energy-consuming, which generate less waste...), before recycling it once its lifespan is over.

This virtuous loop allows us to contribute to the sustainable development of the world.

Circular Multiplasturgy

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