Innovation is a differentiating factor for DEMGY. Starting from a unique customer project, our expertise in material and composite engineering enables us to offer our customers adapted, original and efficient production solutions in key sectors such as Smart Plastic Product, high performance materials, additive manufacturing and bio composites.

Évaluation des besoinsStep 1: Needs assessment

Listening and questioning

In a technological world always looking for the next innovation, Research and Development has the difficult task of making choices about the innovations to integrate into its products to meet the requirements and expectations of its customers.

Step2: Research & PrototypeRecherche et prototypage

Assumptions and tests

Innovation can take different forms: it can be purely technological, it can be lodged in the user experience, it can be disruptive or it can solve a problem that previously did not exist.

Production et livraisonStep 3: Manufacturing & Shipping

Execution and customer satisfaction

The success of a technological company is always the result of a combination of innovation and good execution.

With an agile organization DEMGY is able to make innovation a priority to support responsible growth. The innovation cycle is, for us, perpetual as we manage the complex projects of our clients.

Le cycle de l'innovation DEMGY

Creativity & Innovation

Recherche & Innovation

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