Net-Shape, a new production technology

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ThermoshoesPress&Make is a new shoe manufacturing process. We are passionate about pushing back the boundaries of traditional shoe manufacturing (non-automated and including over 20 different materials for a sneaker) towards a design that is more respectful of our environment while remaining competitive. Press&Make is an innovative shoe production technology.

Our unique Press&Make thermocompression technology

Press&MakeAt the heart of Press&Make lies our advanced thermocompression technology, automating the way shoes are made. Here's what defines our unique approach:

  • Glue- and seamless manufacturing: Our thermocompression process creates shoes in a single step, eliminating the need for glue or seams and reducing production waste.This is a "net-shape" process.
  • Sustainability and Recyclability: We are able to position the most suitable materials in different areas of the shoe, so as to meet the specifications. The compatibility of materials with each other and with our process ensures durability in use, and the rationalization of the number of materials facilitates end-of-life recycling!
  • Flexibility and Innovation: With our adaptable technology, we are able to create a wide range of lasts and textures to meet the specific needs of our customers, offering exclusive solutions for all types of footwear. For example, adding grip can involve texturing and selecting a gripping material compatible with our process!

With our Press&Make technology, we believe in a holistic approach to shoe manufacturing, based on the 3R strategy:


  • Reduction: We minimize the environmental impact of our products by reducing waste right from the creation process, thanks to our circular Multiplasturgy offer, a one-stop shop for our 14 areas of expertise, starting with eco-design, which enables us to manage the end-of-life of products and their recyclability upstream.
  • Reuse: We use recyclable materials in the manufacture of our shoes, thus extending their lifespan and reducing the need for new resources. Depending on your specifications, we can also use recycled materials or post-industrial or post-consumer waste.
  • Recycling: At the end of their life, your shoes can be easily recycled, helping to preserve natural resources and reduce waste.

Customer case study : Decathlon, Traxium Compressor


How do you make a soccer shoe in France that is more environmentally friendly while remaining competitive?traxium

Decathlon, the world's leading sporting goods retailer, is faced with the challenge of offering soccer boots produced in France while reducing the environmental footprint of their manufacture, remaining competitive and using recyclable materials.

In a context where consumers are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues and are looking for sustainable products, Decathlon must find solutions to meet these expectations while maintaining high standards in terms of performance, price and quality.


R&D development in partnership with our DEMGY Atlantique site to invent a new production process for soccer shoes.

Technical Innovation:

  • Net-Shape design: Traxium Compressor soccer boots are designed using an innovative process that eliminates the need for seams and glues that make it virtually impossible to recycle today's boots. This manufacturing process enables the creation of complex shapes, thus reducing the risk of delamination between the upper and the sole, the main cause of wear in today's soccer boots.
  • Use of recyclable or recycled materials: Decathlon is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products by using recyclable materials in the production of Traxium Compressor shoes. In the future, the outsole could also be made from post-industrial or post-consumer plastic waste, contributing to the reduction of end-of-life product waste and the preservation of natural resources.


Increased longevity: thanks to their innovative design and the use of high-quality materials, Traxium Compressor shoes offer a longer lifespan than traditional footwear, reducing the need for frequent replacement and contributing to an overall reduction in waste

Environmental impact :

  • Circular approach: Decathlon takes a circular approach to the design and manufacture of Traxium Compressor shoes. By using recyclable materials and eliminating the disassembly phase to facilitate end-of-life recycling, Decathlon contributes to preserving the environment and promoting a circular economy.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: by automating manufacturing processes and using recyclable or recycled materials, Decathlon , demonstrates its commitment to product sustainability and the establishment of short Traxium compressor is 100% produced in France.


Decathlon's Traxium Compressor range of shoes represents a significant step forward in the sports industry, combining technological innovation, a new production process and the use of recyclable materials.

Press&Make is your solution today for producing recyclable or recycled footwear in France, even with complex lasts.

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