The Group

In step with the major industrial challenges of today, the DEMGY Group has been able to build off its ability to mutualize the know-how of its affiliates to be able to offer its customers sustainable and intelligent solutions to create circular value around plastic and composite materials.

The Group's expertise ranges from a renowned knowledge of materials (plastics, high-performance polymers and composites) to the mastery of various implementation technologies for producing parts and sub-assemblies covering a wide range of applications:

  • Forming, types of thermoforming, RTM & SMC (Resin Transfer Molding & Sheet Molding Compound) and stamping of thermoplastic composites outside the autoclave,
  • Design & manufacture of molds, tooling & parts,
  • Metallization of thermoplastic and composite plastics, electro-magnetic compatibility & absorbers,
  •  Surface treatment, decoration and assembly.
  • Extrusion of PCTFE

All this expertise positions DEMGY as one of the benchmarks among French specialists substituting plastic for metal, especially in the fields of part and system weight-paring issues.

DEMGY is actively developing its ecosystem with industrial, economic and digital partnerships aimed at strengthening its excellence in many fields.

DEMGY: expertise & responsibility above all

Lighter. Smarter. Greener. Within this motto, DEMGY has made a genuine promise to all its employees, customers and partners.

  • Lighter: reducing the weight of its industrial products...
  • Smarter: thanks to innovative plastics and composite solutions that are complex and adapted to the new demands and usages of the users...
  • Greener: in a circular approach, at the service of a more responsible society committed to sustainability.

Lighter. Smarter. Greener.

We design and manufacture high-performance plastic and composite solutions for your most complex projects. Our materials are lighter than metal and save energy in industries where high environmental impact is a major consideration.

We contribute to the advent of a low-carbon society by designing and manufacturing plastic and composite solutions tailored to the needs of both industry and the public, designed and produced using a responsible and circular method.


DEMGY is not only the contraction of Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group, our former name, our history.

It is a brand new identity that echoes our most fundamental values. Discover its meaning below!