The Group

In line with the major industrial stakeholders, the unique offering of the DEMGY Group results from its ability to mutualize the know-how of its subsidiaries to offer to its customers innovative and value creating solutions in the field of plastic and composite materials.

Our expertise ranges from a recognized knowledge of materials (plastics, high-performance polymers and composites), to the mastery of different implementation technologies for the creation of parts and sub-assemblies covering a wide spectrum of applications:

  • 3D production in low to medium volumes
  • Smart Plastic Products/Plastronics
  • Bio-composite
  • Thermoplastic composite
  • High precision machining of plastics & composites
  • Micro-injection, TP & TD injection, over-moulding and bi-material
  • Forming, thermoforming, RTM & SMC, stamping of non-autoclave TP composites
  • Design & manufacturing of moulds and tooling and parts
  • Metallization of plastics and composites TP, electro-magnetic and absorbents compatibility
  • Surface treatment-decoration-Assembly

The Company know-how has placed the group as one of the French reference specialists of plastic metal replacement particularly in the context of weight reduction of parts.

DEMGY Group actively develops its partnership ecosystem -industrial, economic or digital- aiming to reinforce its excellence in many areas.