Our values

Excellence, agility, creativity, commitment, an entrepreneurial spirit... DEMGY Group is driven by values that are deeply anchored in every one of its everyday actions. Find out more below!


Our multi-technology expertise in plastics processing and our unsurpassed operational skill make us the co-contractor our customers prefer, regardless of their nationality or sector of activity.


We have the capacity to constantly adapt and quickly provide the best response to any complex project related to the weight-paring of industrial parts.


We never take anything for granted and we are constantly on the look-out for the smartest solutions adapted to what our clients need, no matter how complex their projects are.


Passion, dedication and professionalism are the driving forces behind our teams: thanks to the know-how and skills of each individual, we create value Together for tomorrow.

Entrepreneurial spiritEntrepreneurial spirit

Through the trust we place in them, we give each of our employees the opportunity to go beyond their own limits and those of the markets, to contribute to the group's winning strategy.

Since 2020, DEMGY has forged a solid partnership with the Rouen Normandie Rugby (RNR) team, an alliance imbued with profound values.  For Pierre Jean LEDUC, Chairman of DEMGY, these values are not only shared but celebrated, as they resonate harmoniously with the very essence of the company.

The club, heir to a tradition that began in 1920 with Racing Club de Rouen, has evolved over the decades, culminating as Rugby Club de Rouen (RCR) at the top of Fédérale 1 in 2008-2009.

Today, Rouen Normandie Rugby is the embodiment of a truly collective adventure, with the aim of flying the flag for Rouen and Normandy on the French rugby scene.

This ambition goes beyond the sporting arena, encompassing a genuine commitment to society. DEMGY, through its active support, is fully committed to this project, sponsoring not only the RNR but also the Valkyries (women's rugby team), thus demonstrating its deep attachment to the local ecosystem and to the promotion of the noble values conveyed by sport.