Who are we?

DEMGY was founded in 1947, the result of the creative mind and know-how of one man, Roland Dedienne.

In October 2004, Pierre-Jean Leduc led the buyout of the Dedienne Group through an MBO* with a team of managers assisted by a pool of financial investors (*Management Buy-Out: purchase of a company by its management team). This resulted in the birth of Dedienne Plasturgie SAS, which became Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group SAS a few years later and, in June 2021, became DEMGY!

Since then, under the impulse of the same goals and the same spirit of success, our Group has grown and developed thanks to the daring and professionalism of its teams working around its unique circular Multiplasturgy® concept.

Innovative solutions for many different markets

By pooling the offers and skills of the group's operational units, we can offer innovative solutions for the production of parts and sub-assemblies based on plastics and/or thermoplastic composites to equipment manufacturers, constructors and designers.

Our industrial entities are specialized according to the market targets that the group has set itself.

  • DEMGY Normandie for aeronautics, aerospace, defense and consumer markets,
  • DEMGY Atlantique for the automobile, aeronautical and consumer sectors,
  • DEMGY Făgăraș for the automobile and consumer sectors,
  • DEMGY Frasne for the automobile and medical sectors,
  • DEMGY Chicago for the aeronautical, aerospace, defense, automobile and medical sectors.
  • DEMGY Deva for the aeronautics, defense and consumer sectors,
  • DEMGY SPN for aeronautics, cryogenics and energy,
  • DEMGY EIS for aeronautics

DEMGY is one of Europe’s leading specialists in the processing of technical plastics, high performance polymers and composites. With this experience, the firm is a DuPont group partner for the distribution of DuPont™ Vespel® in France and Israel.

The DEMGY Group is, also, at the origin of the collaboration between manufacturers for the creation of company associations for the pooling of resources and knowledge such as FiMaLin and GAP.

All our Partnership

The alliance between Industry 4.0 and sustainable development

We sincerely believe that sustainable plastics and composites, designed with respect for nature and the raw materials it provides, will help make the world greener and address the climate and societal challenges of the 21st century.

We need to be at the forefront of Industry 4.0 through the sustainable use of plastics and composites, which is why we are helping our customers adopt a circular approach.

Our mission today is to build the world of tomorrow, together

In an ever-changing world where traceability is so essential, we believe that sustainable plastics and composites, designed and produced using a responsible and circular method, are an answer to environmental and societal challenges. 

By designing high-performance plastics and composites solutions that are lighter than metal, we will help industry to save energy and contribute to a low carbon society.  

Every day, we demonstrate excellence, agility, creativity, commitment, and entrepreneurial spirit to support our customers and generate value. We anticipate uses and put our multi-technology know-how in plastics at the service of all projects, especially the most complex.

Let's rethink plastics processing together in a "tech for good" approach and reconcile competitiveness and eco-responsibility for the benefit of future generations.