DEMGY Făgăraș

Our history

Established in October 2004, DEMGY Făgăraş, located in a 6800 m² facility in Transylvania in the heart of Romania, specializes in the automotive and aeronautics sector.

Initially, DEMGY Făgăraş specialized in assembly of components produced for the Group's plants. In March 2005, we added what is now our core business: injection molding of plastic parts.

Our Multiplasturgy® concept allows us to offer you customized projects.  Because we can provide multiple technologies such as injection, painting, pad printing, hot stamping, assembly, metallization , ultrasonic welding and machining, we can be involved in all your projects, especially for the mass production of parts and sub-assemblies.

Our main strength

WHat is DEMGY Făgăraş's main strength ?
Our expertise assures you complete control of transformation processes, in order to guarantee impeccable quality for your finished products.  

Our market sectors

DEMGY Făgăraş produces equipment for industrial, aeronautic and automotive markets.  Our main focus is producing equipment for the automotive sector, such as multimedia displays, control boxes, electronic key boxes, filtration parts, engine mounts and decorative parts, optical parts and transparent parts.

Our numerous technologies produce both technical and cosmetic parts.

Our expertise and technologies

With our friendly atmosphere and our team of 160 people, each passionate about his or her job, DEMGY Făgăraş is ready to be at your side to accompany you in your projects.

Our Multiplasturgy® concept allows us to offer you customized projects thanks to our complementary technologies to injection and assembly. such as machining, metallization and painting

We have 22 TP presses from 50 to 500 tons, an automated water-based paint line, manual and semi-automatic assembly lines, pad printing, hot stamping, silk screening, US and hot air welding machines, control machines for 3D equipment, a chromium plating line, a zinc plating line and a solvent-based paint line at our Deva site.

To ensure our missions, we have internal means to guarantee three-dimensional control and maintenance of tools.

Our strength as integrators of new technologies differentiates us from our competitors.

injectionInjection usinageMachining DécorationDecoration MétallisationMetallization TestTest
Thermoplastic injection Machining of tehnical polymers Automated painting line Chrome plating line Three-dimensional contact control
Overmolding of inserts

Machining of high temperature polymers

Pad printing, screen printing and hot stamping

Electroplating, zinc plating Three-dimensional contact with optics
Thermoplastic injection molding transparent parts Liquid paint Metallization of plastics and composites Couloscope and elcometer to measure the thickness of the coating
gas injection, sequential Technical and appearance paint Light intensity measurement - lux meter
Ultrasonic, welding and inserting Spectrophotometer to determine the spectrometric characteristics
Manual, semi-automatic and automatic assembly

In-line camera sensor on assembly lines

Refrigerated chamber and oven for measuring thermal shock
Glossmeter for measuring gloss

Your custumer journet with DEMGY FăgărașParcoursClient

  1. Industrial feasibility :  In response to your specifications and implicit requirements, we offer the best technical and economic compromise.
  2. Development phase : The most important stage for the proper deployment your. Our development teams put their know-how at your disposal from co-design to production to guarantee the perfect mastery of your requirements.
  3. Supply chain management : We have all the keys to coordinate the management of the entire supply chain for your mass production, whether in France or abroad.
  4. Production : With over 18 years of mass production experience and numerous certifications, our automated production lines ensure irreproachable quality. In the same way, the digitalization of our workshops, thanks to our M.E.S (Manufacturing Execution System), assures follow-up of our productions in real time. Our integrated tooling workshop allows us to ensure full control of the quality of our productions.
  5. Quality management : This process is entirely digitalized, allowing us to access the history of the part throughout its life.

Our quality certifications

At DEMGY Făgăraş we are committed to guaranteeing the quality of our services and products to our customers. We take every detail into account to achieve the level of requirement expected by the sectors we work in.

DEMGY Făgăraş is ISO 9001 certified, which serves to guarantee the company's quality management.

DEMGY Făgăraş holds IATF 16949 certification applied to the various automotive fields from design to production. Issued by the international Automotive Task Force, it represents a guarantee of rigor and industrial performance.

Obtaining ISO 14001 certification demonstrates our environmental commitment.  As part of a sustainable development approach, DEMGY Făgăraş is committed to limiting its impact on the environment with the aim of making the industry more responsible.

Finally, to ensure the quality of products and services for the aeronautics, defense and space sectors, DEMGY Făgăraş has EN 9100 certification.





In the future

Soon, DEMGY Făgăraş will offer bi-injection capability. This plastic injection process makes it possible to produce a part composed of two materials with different characteristics on a single press, with a single tooling.

Two-material plastic injection requires not only specialists with plastic injection molding know-how but also the technical and design expertise providing the capability for correctly designed tooling, suitable choice of materials and sufficient processing proficiency to ensure success.

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