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DEMGY NormandieLocated in Saint-Aubin-sur-Gaillon (27) in Haute Normandie, DEMGY Normandie (formerly DEDIENNE MULTIPLASTURGY®) is one of the European leaders in the implementation of High Performance Polymers and an ideal partner to support you in the development of innovative technical solutions that meet the most demanding issues, in particular that of the substitution of traditional materials such as metals, glass and thermosetting composites.

By pooling material knowledge and know-how in the field of plastics and composites processing, our Multiplasturgy® concept allows us to offer global, innovative and value-creating solutions for the realization of complex parts and sub-assemblies manufacturing projects. 

DEMGY Normandie simplifies and implements industrial projects, especially the most complex ones, to reduce weight and be at the forefront of industry 4.0 thanks to the sustainable use of plastics and composites. This is why today we accompany our clients towards a circular approach and a better control of the whole product life cycle.

ECOVADIS awards  Demgy Normandy a silver medal for its CSR* management.

EcovadisA new certification for the Normandy site and this time, quite different from the last. A first for the DEMGY Normandy site, which has been awarded the ECOVADIS silver medal certification.

This is a result of the performance for everyone because it is integrated into our daily lives. It awards the DEMGY Normandie certification on environmental, social and ethical performances. The ECOVADIS evaluation concerns the management of CSR (*Corporate Social Responsibility) and highlights the quality of our policies, actions and results in terms of social responsibility.

So what is ECOVADIS ? And why were DEMGY Normandie awared the silver medal?

Founded in 2007, ECOVADIS has become one of the world's leading providers of CSR assessments. ECOVADIS is here to lead companies towards a sustainable world and to help them continue to do so. The services offered by ECOVADIS are designed to enable all companies to reduce risk, improve performance and accelerate positive impact on our planet and society. This certification promotes transparency, employee engagement and adherence to an ethical code of conduct.

The integration of CSR into a company's management system covers the company's policies, actions and results. ECOVADIS uses this method to evaluate the quality of this system in various companies. ECOVADIS thus pushes companies to meet the challenges of CSR commitment.

Four themes are evaluated by ECOVADIS :

  • Environmental,
  • Social & Human Rights,

  • Ethics,

  • Responsible Purchasing.

These themes are composed of a total of 21 criteria in order to analyze the company's entire CSR management.

Where do these criteria come from, and what are they based on ?

These criteria are drawn from international CSR standards, such as the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the ISO 26000 standard, and the CERES principles. 

In order to proceed with the ECOVADIS assessment, a questionnaire was provided to DEMGY Normandie to be carefully completed. Once completed, the questionnaire is returned with various requested documents that are used for the evaluation. The ECOVADIS analysis of the site took into account the criteria relevant to DEMGY Normandie's activity.

What ECOVADIS certification for DEMGY Normandie ?

Once the analysis is completed ECOVADIS gives an evaluation score. DEMGY Normandie's ECOVADIS file was completed on April 28 and published on May 20, 2022 with a score of 56/100. In addition to the certification, DEMGY Normandie received a silver medal for this great performance. This result allows DEMGY Normandie to be in the top 25 companies evaluated by ECOVADIS with a silver medal. This is a great recognition for the site which can be very proud of the efforts made and which pushes it to maintain them over time in order to always improve on the commitments of our CSR policy.

Discover our expertise and technologies

Inaugurated in 2013, our site in Saint-Aubin-sur-Gaillon (27) is the heart of the Multiplasturgy® concept, with 12 areas of technical expertise in the transformation and functionalization of high-performance plastic and composite materials on the same site.

Our areas of technical expertise

Fabrication additive
Additive manufacturing - Atelier 3D​​​​​​
Injection surmoulage
TP & TD injection , overmolding & bi-material
Bio composite
Flaxcomp® Bio composite - Sustainable & made in France
Formage Thermoformage
Forming, RTM & SMC, thermoplastic composites
Distributor of Polyimid Vespel® Dupont™
High precision machining of plastics & composites
Composition moules
Design & manufacturing of parts, moulds & tooling
Peinture, décoration & assemblage
Painting, decoration & assembling

Metallization of plastics & composites

Smart Plastic Products
Smart Plastic Products & Plastronic

Compatibilité électro-magnétique
EMC-EMI shielding & microwave absorbers

On this 8200 m² site, at the cutting edge of environmental standards and designed according to the Lean Management concept, our main technologies are present, such as precision machining, mono and bi-material injection, thermoforming, thermoplastic and bio-composite transformation, metallization of plastics and composites, decoration, assembly, and even Smart Plastic Products.

L'Atelier 3DDEMGY Normandie has become a key player in polymer additive manufacturing with its 3D Workshop of 2 printing stations: an EOS P810 (SLS PEKK) and an HP Jet Fusion 4200 (MJM PA11) to mass produce directly functional parts.

Our group is also the authorized distributor by DuPont™ de Nemours for the distribution in France of the Vespel® Polyimide range of products, which allows applications to resist the most severe thermal and tribological stresses.

DEMGY Normandy, certified quality for your projects

DEMGY Normandie has many quality certifications.

DEMGY Normandie holds the ISO 9001 certification, awarded by the International Organization for Standardization. This worldwide recognized standard testifies to the good functioning of quality management systems.

DEMGY NormandieDEMGY Normandie also holds the EN 9100 standard. It is based on the ISO 9001 standard, but is particularly applicable to the aeronautical and space sector. This standard guarantees the efficiency of the quality management system, applied to the aeronautical field, a sector where nothing can be left to chance. In order to provide an excellent service to its customers, this certification attests to the good practice of risk management and the rigor of the tests carried out before production, the traceability of each product and the respect of the regulations in force.

As a supplier to the military and defense sector, DEMGY Normandie has a "confidential defense" clearance and is AQAP-2110 certified, which means that our quality system complies with the requirements of the AQAP (Allied Quality Assurance Publications) guidelines developed by NATO.

Concerned about the potential impact of the company on the environment, DEMGY Normandie is also certified ISO 14001, a certification that highlights the environmental management of a company and the efforts made to preserve resources and nature.

DEMGY Normandie has an internal quality control laboratory. The purpose of the laboratory quality control is to ensure that the results of the different productions meet the requirements formulated regarding the quality of the products or services. To do so, it is based on strictly defined operating procedures, involving the different stages of the analysis or test as well as the conditions of its execution.

AFAQ 9001


AQAP 2110

ISO 14001

ISO 13485

Our teams accompany you

DEMGY NormandieAt DEMGY Normandie, our teams do everything possible to carry out your projects. Our teams are multidisciplinary and range from the design office to production, from customer service to product delivery, not to mention our Research and Development center. The different departments of the company cooperate and exchange their knowledge in order to realize all your projects. Our site is a real incubator of technological creativity!

To ensure that your projects run smoothly, a Project Manager and a Technical Referent are appointed. 

The Project Manager is a real conductor. He or she mobilizes all the people - technical and design resources - needed to ensure that the project runs smoothly, from the creation of the part to its production, delivery and follow-up in your supply and production chain.

The Project Manager works closely with a Sales Representative and a Quality Expert. This multifunctional team analyzes every risk, opportunity and constraint that your project may present. Once the project is underway, every step is carefully reviewed to ensure the success of the project.

The customer journey at DEMGY Normandie

Our know-how lies in the management of your projects. Well before launching the production, several steps are necessary to complete your project. Discover below the client's journey and the project management at DEMGY Normandie.

  1. DEMGY NormandieDefinition of the needs, recommendations and construction of the solution: First, our teams define the feasibility of the project at the technical, economic and commercial level. If it is feasible, we carefully study your specifications to know the steps to follow and the constraints to respect. We can also advise you on the best materials to use in terms of performance, environmental friendliness and recyclability.
  2. Feasibility study of the solution: Once we know the needs and the subtleties of your project, our sales representative makes you an offer adapted to your needs, according to what the results of the various analyses have announced.
  3. Numerical design and if necessary, construction of the tooling and the injection mold: Of course, any design will first be numerical in order to be able to simulate all the reactions of the recommended material in relation to the production technology. Depending on the technology(ies) recommended, the construction of a tooling or a mold may be necessary. In the case of 3D additive manufacturing, we will go directly from digital design to prototyping iterations and then directly to 3D printing in series.
  4. Development: Following the digital design, the manufacture or not of tools and molds, the production line will operate by iterations to meet your specifications.
  5. Sample validation : In order to ensure your full satisfaction before the launch of the series in production, you will receive samples to allow you if you wish to compare our test results with yours.
  6. Customer validation: If the sample parts are to your satisfaction, you just have to give us your approval and we will launch the production of your parts.
  7. Production and shipping: Once all the previous steps have been completed correctly, we can start the production of your parts on a small, medium or large scale, and deliver them to you within the allotted time. 

Financé par le gouvernementYou can also call upon our Research and Development Department to co-construct solutions that do not yet exist and that we will create together.

The DEMGY Normandy site is supported by the AERO call for projects and is the winner of the Orplast call for projects. 

DEMGY Normandie accelerates its energetic transition

In order to meet its energy needs in a more sustainable way, DEMGY Normandie plans to install a 284 kW photovoltaic power plant on its Saint-Aubin sur Gaillon site. This will generate 10% of the site's electricity needs.

This sustainable project was co-financed by the Normandy Region, which contributed €50,000, while €210,000 was self-financed by the Group. Thanks to the production of this green electricity, DEMGY affirms its willingness to act to preserve environmental resources, as already demonstrated by the implementation of the Circular Multiplasturgy concept.

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