DEMGY EIS is the result of the merger between the DEMGY Group and E.I.S.-Aircraft GmbH.

DEMGY EIS is a well-established product and service provider focused on the aviation industry market with more than 60 years of experience. Two sites located in Germany offer a comprehensive range of capabilities along the entire value chain from the first design concepts and engineering up to program management, qualification/certification, production and aftermarket support.

DEMGY EIS specializes in the production of injection moulded plastic and composite components and products, 100% for aviation industry. The company has two sites: the head office in Euskirchen near Cologne, dedicated to the design and manufacturing of composite aviation products, and a second site in Lemgo near Hanover, specialized in the injection molding of high-performance polymers.

Each of our services and products are individually tailored to meet customer requirements and the highest quality standards. Our relationship with our customers is characterized by a high degree of reliability and strict confidentiality throughout the project.


Our values and commitments:

- Innovation and Creativity
- Customer Focus and partnership
- Flexibility and Agility
- Quality and customer satisfaction

Innovation and creativity:
DEMGY EIS provides its customers with cutting-edge solutions by investing heavily in its people to foster innovation and creativity. We're constantly developing new solutions that give our customers a competitive edge to ensure a successful future.

Customer focus and partnership:
DEMGY EIS considers customer requirements and customer satisfaction to be its top priorities. We work as a team, from product design and engineering to prototyping and production, right through to assembly. Our strong partnership results in innovative, first-class, tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Flexibility and Agility:
DEMGY EIS is your lightweight design partner, offering a wide range of aerospace competence. We are able to manage small- to large-scale projects of varying complexity, from the concept phase through to series production. Our aim is to reduce time-to-market and manage risks and costs for our customers. With all necessary capabilities in-house, we are able to handle individual and customized projects in a fast and efficient way.

Quality and customer satisfaction:
DEMGY EIS offers its customers innovative products and guarantees high-quality services for its entire portfolio. We pass strict and continuous quality controls by national and international aviation authorities, as well as audits by major customers.
Our solutions are our strength. It's not without reason that we can draw on an international customer base with exclusive, long-term relationships. We manage all major approvals and accredited certifications across the value chain, including:

  • EASA 21, subpart J / Development
  • EASA 21, subpart G / Manufacturing
  • EASA 145 / Maintenance
  • FAA Repair Station Approval
  • CCI Training and Education Certificate
  • Labor supply license

To guarantee product and service quality, DEMGY EIS has implemented a quality management system in line with DIN EN 9100:2018, so that all value-added processes are documented, managed, measured and continuously improved.

Our expertise:

Program Management & Engineering:
At the core of DEMGY EIS interior product segment is our program management and engineering which is critical for the success of any product introduction and ongoing robust production. We continuously invest in the build-up of our engineering department to ensure the necessary capacity in development. The program management proactively identifies and manages through life program risk and enhances efficiency and effectiveness of the processes to reduce costs for our customers while ensuring a timely and highest quality delivery.

Manufacturing capabilities:
Thermoplastic injection molding is a core technology and capability of our site in Lemgo. The benefit of using thermoplastic materials in aerospace applications is the parity of their performance characteristics to metal combined with a sizeable reduction of weight. These advantages are the drivers behind the increased replacement of metalparts, laminate composites and hybrid structures by injection-molded parts.
Composite manufacturing is a core process and competence of our site in Euskirchen. We work with a range of fiber/resin materials including polycarbonate, phenolia and epoxy, prepegs, glass, carbon and aramid fibers by using its comprehensive and IP-protected capabilities.

Tooling & Prototyping:
Fast prototyping is a crucial phase in the product lifecycle. Our experienced team covers all the required skills in prototyping ensuring an efficient and effective design process. During the prototype phase the DEMGY EIS team also optimizes the manufacturability of the design and functionability. Our own tooling shop ensures high precision and quality from the start to ensure a perfect product.