The Euskirchen site specializes in composite materials, from development to assembly and finishing.


DEMGY EIS produces baggage compartment components, class dividers, emergency equipment and seats for flight crews.



Cabin Divider

Equipment Integration

Emergency Equipment

Cabin Branding

Cabin Monuments

Movable Class Divider

Adapter Plates
Crash Axe Brand Panel

Stowages / Doghouses

Class Divider (fixed)

Cabinet Equipment Crow Bar Welcome Panel

Cabin Attendant Seat Moving Adapter

Curtain Systems

Special Equipment
Flight Kit
Product Branding

Seat Block Device

Curtain Solutions

Pouches / Straps

Curtain Crew Rest Compartments

Partitions / Windscreens

Cabin divider:

Emergency equipment:

Crow Bar

Flight kit

Equipment integration:

Adapter Plate