SHAP by DEMGY : IED neutralizers

Discover the SHAP range by DEMGY below. These anti-IED devices offer the ability to safely and effectively neutralize a wide range of improvised explosive devices.

SHAP : Safe, Hydraulic, Anti-IED Puncher

The SHAP (Safe, Hydraulic, Anti-IED Puncher) is an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) neutralization device for civilian and military mine clearance teams.

SHAP by DEMGY devices are quick and easy to use. The deminer can adapt the quantity or type of explosive (sheet explosive, detonating cord, plastic explosive, etc.) according to the situation and the object to be neutralized. It is also very light and easy to transport.

Advantages of the SHAP anti IED





No flame

Device delivered inert

Suitable for indoor use

Limited damage

The SHAP range is a real concentrate of innovation, designed to meet the specific needs of IED countermeasures. Attentive to market needs and current challenges, DEMGY offers you products with the following advantages:

  • Indoor or outdoor use: The unique feature of the SHAP range of IED disruptors is that they can be used indoors or in urban environments.
  • Multi-support mounting: They can be mounted on a fixed base or a motorized robot.
  • Safety: All SHAP products are delivered inert, so they can be transported and stored without special precautions.
  • Modular: The quantity of explosive can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • SHAP can be armed with a variety of explosives: liquid or gel, binary, sheet...
  • Quick and easy to use: SHAP devices are quick and easy to set up. You don't waste time, and can act as quickly as possible.
  • Lightweight: SHAP is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • No collateral damage: once in use, SHAP products generate no flame and very little smoke. They are also quieter than similar systems, and drastically reduce after-effects thanks to water projection.

The SHAP anti IED range

The SHAP product range comprises a number of innovative devices. All have their own specific uses and are adapted to different situations: neutralizing suspicious packages in a building or vehicle, perforating gas cylinders or fire extinguishers suspected of containing an IED, opening metal doors containing a potential threat... Find out more about the different models offered by DEMGY below:

SHAP Standard


The standard model will enable you to handle suspicious packages the size of an attaché case or an 80-liter travel bag.
Explosive charge: from 10 to 80g
Use: indoors, confined spaces, built-up areas.

SHAP Perfo


SHAP Perfo neutralizes metal containers such as gas bottles and fire extinguishers up to a thickness of approx. 5mm.
Explosive charge: 20 to 40g Use: indoors, in confined spaces, in built-up areas.



This model has been specifically designed to handle suspicious objects inside vehicles, whether through a door, the roof or the floor.
Explosive charge: from 40 to 80g
Use: not recommended indoors, but possible in built-up areas

SHAP Super


The SHAP SUPER GL is designed to handle small, suspicious objects such as parcels up to 80-liter travel bags and luggage, or suspicious items inside a vehicle.
SHAP SUPER GL is specifically designed for use with liquid or gel explosives.
Explosive charge: approx. 140ml
Use: indoors or in confined spaces, depending on configuration, in built-up areas.

SHAP Effraction


The EFFRAC SHAP KIT is designed to open metal doors. It consists of 2 SHAP boxes fitted with specific explosive holders. Each case is bonded to the door using double-sided foam adhesive.
Explosive charge: from 12 to 20g per SHAP case
Use: indoors, confined spaces, built-up areas.

Would you like to find out more about our range? Don't hesitate to contact our experts. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and tell you more about SHAP products.

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