Trends and perspectives of metallization

Trends and perspectives of metallization

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Environment, aestheticism, lightness are all the stakes of this process of metallization of plastics or polymer by wet process.  

From now on, all sectors of activity use these advanced materials. A good example of the use of these technologies during the round-the-world flight of the Solar Impulse 2 airplane, an airplane made of many polymers. The aeronautical field seems to show a great requirement in terms of quality and reliability. Pierre-Jean LEDUC, President of the DEMGY Group, has expressed his views on this sector and its challenges.  

Lightening is a challenge that this industry knows how to take up. But this is without forgetting the heart of the strategy: the metallization of plastics. DEMGY's know-how in the case of aviation structures allows us to push to the extreme the lightening of the latter.  

But that's not all, DEMGY is also the first European industrialist able to produce high performance parts, such as the carbon reinforced PEKK HT23.

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