DEMOTECH project: development of a low-carbon aircraft

DEMOTECH project: development of a low-carbon aircraft

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DEMGY is proud to be part of the Demotech project, an idea that brings together a dozen small and medium-sized businesses in Normandy, under the leadership of Normandie AéroEspace, who have set themselves the challenge of retrofitting a light aircraft engine to run on hydrogen. This teamwork was revealed at the recent Paris Air Show.

Each technology demonstrator incorporates innovative solutions developed by Normandy players, including DEMGY with its expertise in plastronics and additive manufacturing, to demonstrate their concrete contribution to reducing carbon emissions. 

This ambitious project demonstrates the commitment of companies and laboratories in Normandy to reducing their carbon footprint. Each technology demonstrator will feature innovative solutions from Normandy players, highlighting their contribution to reducing carbon impact. To find out more, read the article:

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