How can I determine which material to use for my project ?

How can I determine which material to use for my project ?


With our Datacomp® tool, you have the opportunity to access a set of data on the materials we use to produce our parts and components. Datacomp® is a database designed to simplify your search among the materials we master in processing, providing a clear and understandable synthesis of the main characteristics.

If you wish, our teams are at your service and will accompany you throughout your project, from its conception to its completion. Our experts guide you in choosing the processes and, of course, in establishing the specifications for the materials.

To access our database, simply visit Datacomp !

You can obtain the main data without registering.

To access all the information about our materials, feel free to request the creation of an account.


Create an account.

=> The information available on the Datacomp database may evolve. Therefore, we recommend contacting DEMGY's teams to discuss the exact needs of your project. Otherwise, DEMGY cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies resulting from the misuse of Datacomp data.