PES is a thermoplastic of the sulfur family, known for its good resistance to radiation, X-rays, beta and gamma rays. It is also known to remain stable under extreme temperatures, both high and cryogenic.

Discover the remarkable properties of PES

PES is dimensionally stable, has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and is resistant to high temperatures. It has a tensile strength of 76 N/mm² at a temperature of 180°C. It also exhibits high creep and impact resistance, even at cryogenic temperatures of -100°C. It has excellent electrical insulation properties and retains its electrical properties even when exposed to very low temperatures. It also has good dielectric constant and chemical resistance. It also has a high resistance to beta and X-ray radiation.

PES can be gold, copper or aluminum in appearance and is used to manufacture mechanical parts such as pump casings and valve pistons. It is also very popular in the medical industry. It is used to manufacture anesthesia equipment and control plates for dialysis machines. PES parts can also be used in electrical appliances and plumbing components such as faucets, hot water dispensers and filtration systems.

PES is known under other trade names, including Lati's Lapex® and Solvay's Veradel®.

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In addition to PES processing, DEMGY is also able to process and machine many other high performance plastics: PCTFE, PTFE, PFA, PVDF, Polyimide, PEI, PSU, ETFE, FEP, PEEK, PA, POM, PPS and PAI.

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