DEMGY offers you its expertise for the mass production or prototypes of semi-finished products and parts made of PVDF. With its exceptional properties, this technical plastic meets the requirements of many industrial sectors.

PVDF: What are the basic properties of this engineering plastic?

PVDF is a thermoplastic polymer currently known under several trade names: Kynar ® (Arkema), Solef ® (Solvay) and Dyneon ® PVDF (3M). Its high performance is of interest to many industries, particularly the chemical industry. It is mainly used for the manufacture of tanks, pipes, accessories and various insulation and protection elements. It is particularly used to insulate wires and piezoelectric elements in the electronics sector.

Highly inert and semi-crystalline, PVDF retains high UV and radiation stability. It also has excellent abrasion and fire resistance. It can be handled without deterioration over a temperature range of -20°C to + 130°C. It has high chemical resistance and is stable to most aggressive chemicals: oxidizers, chlorinated solvents, halogens, aromatics, organic acids and aliphatics. However, it is sensitive to esters, ketones and strongly basic solutions.

DEMGY, a partner of choice for all your needs in high performance parts

In addition to PVDF, DEMGY is also able to process a wide range of high performance plastics. We process and machine parts from natural or filled PTFE, PCTFE, PFA, PI - Polyimide, PEI, PSU, ETFE, FEP, PES, PPS, and PEEK.

Depending on your needs, we are able to process these thermoplastics by compression, extrusion, pulling, flowing, turning or milling. We are at your service for the production of prototypes, but also for the mass production of your semi-finished products and parts.