PTFE, a fluorinated polymer with exceptional properties, is one of the engineering plastics that DEMGY transforms and manufactures for its customers' needs.

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PTFE: a high performance plastic material with exceptional properties

Known to the general public as Teflon ®, PTFE has many properties that are very useful in very demanding industrial sectors.

Non-toxic, UV-resistant and non-flammable, this high-performance thermoplastic is resistant to moisture and to attack by the active ingredients of certain chemicals. With a low coefficient of friction, it ages very well and maintains good dimensional stability over a wide temperature range from -80°C to 250°C.

It is possible to optimize the properties of PTFE by adding other materials: this is called filled PTFE. Fiber-filled PTFE is, for example, recommended for increased resistance to wear and chemical attack.

If you are looking for a material that is resistant to both wear and compression, graphite-filled PTFE is a good choice. If you need a material with good thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to deformation, you should choose carbon-filled PTFE. Finally, we recommend bronze-filled PTFE for a material with high thermal conductivity and high compression and wear resistance.

DEMGY, the specialist in the transformation and machining of engineering plastics

As a true expert in the transformation and machining of PTFE, DEMGY is at your disposal, whatever your needs and your field of activity.

Thanks to our expertise and know-how in high-performance plastics processing, we are able to meet all your needs for specific parts in PCTFE, PFA, PVDF, PI - Polyimide, PEI, PSU, ETFE, FEP, PES, PPS or PEEK. We are at your service for both prototype and mass production.