Polysulfone or PSU is one of the high performance plastics transformed and machined by DEMGY. We work with this polymer to produce semi-finished products and parts for demanding industrial sectors such as the medical and food industries.

Why is the PSU in high demand in demanding environments?

PSU is known for its high dimensional stability, even at high temperatures up to 180°C. It has high rigidity and is highly resistant to creep, tensile and bending stresses. PSU also has excellent mechanical strength and is a good electrical insulator. It is also water resistant, which makes it suitable for steam sterilization. Its high chemical resistance allows it to remain stable against inorganic acids, alkalis and kerosene oils.

However, it is sensitive to the action of polar organic solvents. This thermoplastic is also resistant to beta, gamma, infrared and microwave radiation. The PSU can be loaded with fiberglass to make it even more dimensionally stable and robust.

Marketed under several names: TECASON S, LASULF or UDEL, PSU is often used in the medical and food industries. It can be used to manufacture insulating parts, pads or skids, as well as laboratory tools for anesthesia equipment. It is also used for the design of fittings and hot water dispensers, as well as components such as filter plates, pumps and valves.

DEMGY accompanies you for all your needs of technical plastic parts

As a true expert in the transformation and machining of high performance plastics, DEMGY can meet all your needs for parts made of PSU. We also have the know-how and material resources to process many other engineering plastics: PCTFE, PTFE, PFA, PVDF, Polyimide, PEI, ETFE, FEP, PES, PEEK, PA, POM, PPS and PAI.

We can transform all these materials into semi-finished products, including bars, plates or tubes. We can also machine specific parts for all fields of activity.