PPS or polyphenylene sulfide is a material appreciated by demanding industrial sectors for its excellent dimensional stability, its non-flammable properties and its electrical insulation capacity. Trust DEMGY for the transformation of this polymer for the manufacturing of semi-finished products and high performance parts.

What are the properties and advantages of PPS?

PPS is a semi-crystalline polymer known for its excellent thermal stability. It also has outstanding mechanical properties that allow it to withstand high temperatures and the action of many chemicals. It also demonstrates a high resistance to creep, even in an environment subject to high temperatures. This makes it the material of choice for replacing metals and thermoset plastics.

PPS is also known to have very good electrical and dielectric properties, as well as excellent dimensional stability. In addition to being a good insulator, it has high resistance to UV, gamma and neutron radiation, as well as ozone. In the automotive industry, it is used to manufacture parts and components for turbochargers. It is also widely used in other industries. For example, PPS parts are used in the construction of gas recirculation valves and scrubbers. You can find PPS on the market under other trade names, including Ryton® from Solvay and Fortron® from Celanese.

DEMGY: a choice ally for the transformation and machining of high performance plastics

DEMGY offers you its services for the transformation and machining of high performance plastics. We produce semi-finished products and parts from PPS, but also from many other polymers: PCTFE, PTFE, PFA, PVDF, Polyimide, PEI, PES, PSU, ETFE, PES, PEEK, PA, POM and PAI.

We are at your service for the production of your prototypes and mass production. Depending on the properties of each material, we can use different techniques: compression molding, creep molding, injection molding or extrusion.