Known under the trade name Delrin ®, polyoxymethylene or POM is currently attractive to many industries. With good mechanical properties in general, it has excellent resistance to creep, traction, impact, fatigue and wear.

POM: what are its key characteristics?

Also known as polyacetal, POM is an opaque, semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer that is white in color and often tinted. It exists in two forms: homopolymer or POM-H and copolymer or POM-C. Rigid and hard, POM-H has excellent creep and tensile strength. It has low moisture absorption and is therefore the material of choice for the manufacture of highly stable components. It is therefore ideal for the manufacture of small mechanical parts and precision machine parts.

POM-C has a high resistance to strong bases, hydrolysis and the harmful effects of heat. It also has excellent machinability and good elasticity recovery, which makes it insensitive to stress cracking. POM in all its forms is used in the automotive, textile and food industries as well as in mechanical engineering. It is used for the development of gears and for the manufacture of meter parts, rotors, wheels, bearings, sliding and spring elements, pump parts, valve bodies, hinges, bearing cages, seals, sorting and feeding devices, housings, etc.

Entrust DEMGY with the transformation and machining of high performance plastics

DEMGY offers to its customers a tailor-made support for all their needs in semi-finished products and machined parts from high performance plastics.

We have the skills and equipment to process POM and various other thermoplastics, including PCTFE, PTFE, PFA, PVDF, Polyimide, PEI, PES, PSU, ETFE, PES, PEEK, PA, PPS and PAI. We are at your service for prototype production as well as for serial production.