Discover the exceptional properties of PFA, a high performance thermoplastic that DEMGY is able to transform and machine according to your needs and the industrial sector in which you operate.

What are the main features of the AFP?

Perfluoroalkoxy currently has several commercial names: Teflon ® PFA (Chemours), Fluon ® PFA (AGC), Dyneon ® PFA (3M). It is a fluorinated polymer with properties similar to PTFE. It is very popular for applications in hostile environments subject to harsh mechanical, chemical and thermal conditions.

It has high heat resistance and dimensional stability over a temperature range of -220°C to 260°C. It has high chemical resistance and does not deteriorate under the action of bases, acids, ketones, alcohols and hydrocarbons. It is also appreciated for its electrical insulation and non-stick properties.

It also has secondary characteristics, including good UV resistance, low dielectric constant, and virtually no moisture absorption. PFA can therefore be used for electrical and fluid handling applications. This makes PFA ideal for use in technical areas such as the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

Trust DEMGY for the transformation and machining of engineering plastics

In order to properly meet our customers' needs for PFA parts, DEMGY works with this thermoplastic by compression, extrusion and pulling.  According to your needs, we can transform them into tubes or pipes. We can also use it as raw material to machine the industrial parts you need.

Our expertise in high performance plastics is not limited to PFA. We are also able to process natural or filled PTFE, PCTFE, PVDF, PI - Polyimide, PEI, PSU, ETFE, FEP, PES, PPS, as well as PEEK.