For your needs in semi-finished products and high performance parts, DEMGY transforms and manufactures many engineering plastics including PAI or polyamide-imide. With its exceptional chemical, mechanical and thermal properties, PAI is ideal for use in the most critical environments.

PAI: a polymer with exceptional properties

PAI is reputed to be one of the strongest high performance plastic materials on the market today. Known under the trade name Torlon PAI (Solvay), it withstands extreme temperatures, even without any additives. It remains stable and retains its specific mechanical properties, even when subjected to a temperature of 270°C.

In addition to its thermal resistance, it is also highly resistant to chemical aggression and wear. Strong and rigid, it also stands out for its high dimensional stability and its absorption of humidity, which is about 0.3% every 24 hours. This polymer is also appreciated for its intrinsic non-flammability. Furthermore, its smoke emission is very low when exposed to fire. PAI also demonstrates high resistance to radiation.

Due to its many qualities, PAI is in great demand for the manufacture of balls, bearing cages and gears with tight tolerances. It is very popular in the aerospace and nuclear industries.

Entrust DEMGY with the production of your semi-finished products and machined parts in technical polymers

DEMGY is a company that has been working for more than 80 years now in the processing of high performance plastics. We have the skills and technical resources to process and machine PAI and many other engineering polymers such as PCTFE, PTFE, PFA, PVDF, Polyimide, PEI, PES, PSU, ETFE, PES, PEEK, PA, POM and PPS. We produce your semi-finished products and parts by molding, compression, extrusion, injection or flow.