PI - Polyimide techno-polymer extreme performance

Developed in partnership with NASA, polyimide is a special material distinguished from thermoplastics by the fact that despite its linear nature, this crystalline-structured material is infusible and has no glass transition temperature or observable melting point below the decomposition temperature well above 500°C.

Vespel®, a very high performance polyimide

For more than 50 years, DuPont™ VESPEL® S polyimide has provided manufactured parts with an unparalleled combination of properties that enable them to excel in applications that require high temperature performance, low wear resistance and long life even in harsh environments.

DEMGY ® is the authorized distributor in France and Israel for all DuPont™ VESPEL® Polyimide parts and semi-finished products.

The main characteristics of VESPEL® S polyimide

  • Extremely wide permissible operating temperature range in air from -273°C up to 290°C continuous and almost 500°C peak with high mechanical strength.
  • Resistance to thermal oxidation.
  • Excellent resistance to wear and friction allowing operation under high pressure and speed conditions (p.V): 12 MPa.m/s dry and up to 40 MPa.m/s with lubrication.
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) close to that of metallic materials.
  • Excellent thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Very low moisture absorption rate.
  • Excellent radiation resistance.
  • Low outgassing.
  • Intrinsically flame retardant (UL 94-V0).

Thanks to the exceptional properties of this material, VESPEL® S parts are widely used for "thermal and/or tribological" applications in the aeronautical, automotive, space, chemical, electrical, cryogenic, textile, nuclear, glass and semiconductor industries.

To obtain information on the properties of the different grades, their uses and the semi-finished products available in VESPEL®, do not hesitate to send us your request!


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